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Do magazines & newspapers count as reading? You bet!! Where else can you find a broad array of topics written in a wide range of reading levels? Our school site libraries subscribe to a variety of popular magazines & newspapers. Included here are links to sites for some of these magazines & newspapers plus others that students might be interested in.

Please note that most of these sites allow free access to articles, games and other online activities but also contain a considerable amount of advertising.

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  • Everyday--Scrip Orders Turn Them Into Your School Office or Library TODAY!
  • January 7--Return from Winter Break
  • January 18--Winnie the Pooh Day
  • January 19--7th Annual Battle for the Library Monopoly Tournament
  • January 27--Multicultural Children's Book Day
  • January 23--Library Shelfie Day
  • January 28--ALA Youth Media Awards announced

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